Before hesitating to find the trendiest suit for the season, let’s start with the basic. Before wanting to nail the art of adding the trendiest suit styles into your wardrobe, mastering the odyssey of spotting and buying the perfect suit for your body, is common ground. Finding a suit that fits you like skin is quite a task. However LUHO knows a thing or two about finding the perfect suit….okay we know A LOT about finding the perfect suit. With that being said, for you we have 3 easy points you should take into consideration while looking for The One.

1) The Pants:

Pants are a key part and basic structure that isn’t meant to be a part of a suit that draws attention. A great pair of pants is the one that elongates your figure but doesn’t adds focus on that part of your body. instead, it brings attention to your upper body. While fitting the pants there are a few things to keep in mind while choosing them. First of all, you may take notice that the weight of the fabric has to distribute evenly throughout your legs, so you avoid baggy and saggy effects that can appear at the hips or inner thighs. If every pair of pants you try-on appears to give you the baggy effect we would recommend you to use suspenders so you can hold your pants up from your shoulders and give you the seamless slick effect you are looking for. The final touch:  ̈The Hem ̈. This part is probably the most important, if it’s not done well then, the chances of getting the perfect suit are out. For the hem you should take into consideration not only that the fabrics kisses the sole of your shoe (if you are going for the classic hem). But also that the extra fabric around your ankles makes you look shorter and sloppier. A taller, longer silhouette with a minimal or half-break is the way to go.

2) The Jacket

From shoulders, to collars, buttons, vents, length and everything you need to get the suit jacket that will fit you like a glove. Now lets starts with the basic! When it comes to length it’s very important that the proportion is right and that the skirt of the jacket meets your knuckles. As well the skirt must bring to the jacket and hourglass shape or v-shape as it falls through your body. The sleeves must fall wrinkless and offer you movement so you feel comfortable at all times. To get your jacket to a perfect balance is recommendable that the back part of it falls a little bit shorter than the front, just for a few centimeters. Furthermore, the buttoning point must be place at the height of your waist, right by your belly button. However if you are a short person bringing a little up the buttoning point can be a smart trick that can give an illusion of having longer legs. And when it comes to vents, well…those are just there for fashion statement affairs, it’s up to you to decide if you want a suit jacket with or without them.

3) The Shirt.

When it comes to finding the shirt, it’s all about the fit. If its too short you find yourself considering if you are still carrying holiday weight and if it’s too big you end up looking blowy. When fitting for a shirt try to find one that accentuates your chest and ensure comfort and movement. Try to look for fabrics that are rich in cotton (with at least 75% cotton) so you can avoid easy to wrinkle shirts. Find the best cut that complements your body, either slim-fit highly recommendable for athletic bodies, normal fit or loose fit for those men with a fuller torso. On the other side, the collar is a piece of your shirt that is highly important. when trying on shirts you must make sure that the collar hugs the adam’s apple and allows you breathability. If it’s too loose, you will get a sloppy and grundy look that we are not looking for. For the finishing touch, look for the the length of your sleeves is adequate and slides a few centimeter from your suit jacket. And consider if you want the end of your sleeves to be cuff friendly or not.