How To: Stay Productive While Working From Home 


If you are searching for ways to  keep yourself motivated to work during this quarantine period. Here we list a few tips that any business man can adopt. 

  1. Discipline yourself by creating new morning habits that replace the ¨heading to the office routine¨. But that still make you feel like you are getting ready to start your work day.  For example, still keeping an alarm clock, doing some at home workout, and finally taking a shower and getting dressed. Otherwise,  you will find yourself in a pijama state of mind until mid-day or worst all day. 

However, putting on clean loungewear is till allowed. 

       2. Establish a working space, just as if you were at your office, try to work from a desk, if you keep working from bed, you will not only accomplish a back pain but you might find yourself asleep half through your tasks. Try to keep this space clean, and with an agenda, where you can write off the tasks accomplished. 

       3. Keep a realistic schedule, the dream of working from home is that the working hours of your office vanish. You can set your own schedule, and place it during the time you personally feel you will be most productive. However, if you work with a team try to schedule meetings at hours that you all find convenient, and delivered your work to your colleagues, at reasonable times.

4. Create a pleasing working atmosphere,  try listen to spotify, podcast or even background tv, or if you prefer silence, it is a great time to discover what you like and what works for you.  Maybe the companionship of your pet can motivate you while working. Try out digital tools that facilitates the organization with your respective working teams, as google drive, zoom, or tello.   

Finally, consider yourself lucky that you have a chance to work from home. It is also a chance to prove yourself and your business that you are as productive in the office as in the home, showing responsibility, teamwork, organizational skills.