Top 5 Salvadoran Beers To Get Now

As you know, due to the high risk of spreading the coronavirus, El Salvador citizens have been given the order to remain in their houses for at least 1 month. This unusual situation can be tiring and boring, therefore we have gathered the best Salvadoran beers to enjoy safely in your house.


Cadejo is a craft beer. They have achieved to expand to other countries in Central America. Cadejo has developed about 30 flavors, some are the result of experimentation with local ingredients.


Premio is a craft beer. It is 100% German malt. It does not have attachments or preservatives, it is a high-quality product.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is made 100% with barley malt and its lager flavor makes it exceptional. Santa Cruz is characterized by its golden hue, the bright and crowned foam, with a balanced flavor that satisfies and refreshes the palate.


The most famous beer in El Salvador with more than 100 years in the market. Pilsener is made by 4.4% of alcohol and natural ingredients. Their marketing and advertising strategies have enabled them to grow and connect with a larger audience.


Regia beer has been produced in El Salvador since 1959. It is an exquisite beer with an intense flavor, with 4.8 %  alcohol.